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July 17, 2013

Combining colors creates fun at AE

Derrick Miller
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DUNCAN — Tie-dye is a messy form of art and children experienced just how messy Tuesday at Arts Explosion.

But, they didn’t use dyes.

Instead, they were using construction paper to create designs, based on fabrics tie-dye instructor Dora Obuobisa had as examples.

Each youth created two to three designs, which were then put together to create patterns.

“They’re doing great,” Obuobisa said. “They’re just discovering and creating.”

On Monday, the children got an opportunity to tie-dye. Although last year’s youths used bandanas to test their tie-dying skills, this time around, they got to tie-dye T-shirts.

Obuobisa said tie-dying is a way for the youths to be creative, while giving them a chance to learn a new art skills.

“It never turns out the same,” she said about tie-dying. “The way you do the colors; the way you tie it off. It’s always different.”

This is her sixth year to teach a class in Arts Explosion, having started in 2007. For the duration of the program, she is teaching four groups of 20 children about tie-dying and other cloth-related designs.

Obuobisa said she wants the children to learn about various art media, whether its tie-dying or various African cloth designs.

Among her Arts Explosion students were Brian Davis and Abbagail McCoy. Both said they were having a good time and were enjoying the opportunity to do different things.

McCoy, who is from Washington, said she is visiting her father for the summer and was glad to participate in Arts Explosion.

Obuobisa said the children’s enjoyment makes the clean-up worthwhile.

“They love the fun of it,” she said.