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July 14, 2013

Triple digit days numbered

Derrick Miller
The Duncan Banner

DUNCAN — Triple digit temperatures started earlier this year than last year, but haven’t met up to the number of triple digit days in 2011.

This year’s first triple digit day was recorded during the 24-hour period between 8 a.m. June 27 to 8 a.m. June 28, with 100 degrees. But as of Friday, there have only been two days this year that have warmed up enough to surpass the 99 degree mark.

The latest came in the 24-hour period beginning at 8 a.m. Thursday. The temperature reached 102 degrees, which makes it the hottest day of the year so far. It’s also the first day to bring precipitation in July with 0.19 inches of rain that night. Duncan hasn’t had any measurable precipitation since the 24-hour period beginning with 8 a.m. June 17.

Last year, the first time Duncan temperatures reached 100 degrees or hotter was the 24-hour period beginning July 18. That was one of eight days where temperatures were recorded as 100 degrees or hotter in July 2012.

There were 10 more 100 degree plus days in August 2012, and six more days recorded in September 2012.

Although this year’s venture into triple digit temperatures began before they did in 2012, 2011 triple digits began even earlier and with significantly less precipitation.

The first triple digit temperature in 2011, was measured on the 24-hour period beginning the morning of June 14, 2011, which had a temperature of 103 degrees.

Nine days were recorded to be at 100 degrees or hotter in June 2011. There were 25 days recorded in July 2011, 27 in August 2011, and five recorded in September 2011.

So far this year, Duncan has received 15.42 inches of rainfall. This is 0.93 inches less than the same time in 2012. But it measures nearly 10 inches (9.67 inches to be exact) more than this time in 2011. In fact, 2013 is less than 4 inches away from surpassing all of 2011’s precipitation.

And it may not take long for 2013 to catch up to 2012.

According the Weather Channel website, Duncan could have several chances for rain this upcoming week, beginning today and going through Friday. Temperatures are also expected to drop in to the mid-80s, according to the website. A slight precipitation was recorded for Friday night at The Banner’s rain station, measuring 0.19 inches.

July 2012, stopped receiving rain after July 11, and didn’t resume getting rainfall until Aug. 8, 2012. If Duncan receives rainfall this week, it could help bridge the gap between the two years, although July is typically a dry month. This July has been no exception.T