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November 21, 2013

Stephens County moves up two spots on Economic Impact Report

Derrick Miller
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DUNCAN — With the release of the 2012 Economic Impact Report, Stephens County tourism made great gains from the 2011 report.

In fact, Stephens County moved from No. 18 on the list up to No. 16. That places Stephens County ahead of 61 other counties in Oklahoma. Loisdawn Jones, Duncan Convention and Visitors Bureau executive director, said this is a significant gain for the county.

“It means we have more new monies coming into Stephens County,” Jones said. “When money comes into the county, it circulates about 2.65 times before leaving.”

As some people might expect, many of the larger counties in Oklahoma ranked at the top of the list. The top five counties are Oklahoma, Tulsa, Cleveland, Comanche and Washington counties.

That being said, Stephens County still managed to have $56.92 million in expenditures for tourism in 2012. At No. 15, Kay County’s expenditures were at $70.28 million.

Jones said by spending money on advertising, more people learn about events happening in Stephens County. As a result, more people and more money come into the county.

And it takes various organizations and events happening in the county to bring people in. This week’s National Swine Registry Fall Classic is just one example of people coming into Stephens County for an event.

For the annual hog show, people from various states, including Wisconsin, California and Illinois, came to Duncan. Jones said the event has continued to grow, which means more people come to Duncan every year. As a result, more money is spent in the community.

She said one of the best parts about moving up in ranks on the Economic Impact Report is the benefit to Stephens County residents.

“Local citizens will spend less in taxes,” Jones said. “It is significant savings in tax dollars for residents.”