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September 8, 2013

Tragic news catapults paper’s website into media spotlight

By The banner staff
The Duncan Banner

DUNCAN — Coverage of the shooting death of Christopher Lane here  Aug. 16 and follow-up reporting surrounding the incident has thrust The Duncan Banner and into the international media spotlight.

Lane, in town to visit his girlfriend Sarah Harper, was shot and killed while jogging on Country Club Road. From Australia, he was attending East Central University University in Ada on a baseball scholarship.

Readers from all 50 states and 129 countries have accessed staff written stories during the two-week period since the shooting.

“We’re obviously pleased with the response,” Ed Darling, publisher of The Banner, said. “Our small reporting team worked extremely hard to provide current, comprehensive and immediate coverage of the tragic event. Viewer statistics validate the quality of our work and point to the value of immediate coverage by our digital products.”

There were 172,706 unique visitors, 305,809 total visitors and 699,124 page views for the period. There were 82,922 smartphone visits and 24,915 tablet visits.

All are record numbers for and nine of the website’s top 10 stories were related to the shooting.

“Seeing our geographic responses confirmed the international status of the incident,” Darling continued.

There were 136,719 visits from 154 Oklahoma cities, topped, naturally by Duncan with 64,227 and Oklahoma City with 28,293.

But the viewer list included Melbourne, Australia, Dallas, Houston, Milwaukee and Madison, Wis. among its Top 10 chart. Melbourne recorded 10,159 visits.

Visitors also came from Canada, Germany, the United Kingdom, Japan and India.

“We’ll continue to strengthen our website presence,” Darling said. “This is an on-going story and our site provides the tool to maintain an immediacy in our coverage.”