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April 19, 2013

When in Oklahoma, wait ... and the weather will change

The Banner Staff
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DUNCAN — During the course of the last four days, Stephens County residents have experienced a wide range of weather and temperatures. Rainfall was recorded for Thursday at 0.54 inches, bringing the total year’s precipitation to 6.74 inches.

The most recent change this week was a drop in temperatures hovering in the mid-40s on Thursday. Compared to Monday’s temperature which the high was recorded at 83 degrees. That didn’t change on Tuesday, also at 83 degrees, but dropped to the 70s for both Wednesday and Thursday.

On Thursday, severe weather was expected and it delivered — just not in Stephens County. A significant tornado outbreak had been anticipated but, tornadoes warnings only went up in Comanche County, Tillman County and Cotton County for the southern portion of the state.

Tornados were reported and the Goodyear Tire plant was damaged. Also, a mobile home was knocked off its foundation, in the Elgin to Fletcher area.

Thursday’s drop in temperatures was based on a storm system pushing down from Colorado that had produced snow in La Junta, Colo., as reported by the La Junta Tribune newspaper.

For Duncan, the rainfall recorded for year to date on April 19, 2012, was 9.52. Temperatures recorded for today a year ago were at 79 degrees, with an overnight low of 56.

As of 6 p.m. Thursday, the temperature was 49.4 degrees and dropping.