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July 24, 2013

Old jewelry becomes inspiration for creations

Rebeka Miller
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DUNCAN — Kimberla Treat and her daughter Kalie worked on a special project for the first few days of Found Items Jewelry.

This camp, hosted by the Chisholm Trail Heritage Center, is focusing this week on giving a second chance to old or found items. The Treats spent much of their time finding special and sweet pieces to place on a photo frame for Kimberla’s dad, Kalie’s “Pa.”

“We got the idea from The Pop Shop bottle cap, it’s what we had on Father’s Day,” said Kimberla. “We brought some other things from home but are also using things that were brought in.”

Instructor for the class, Larry “Doc” Randolph, brought hundreds of small items with him for the class to dig through in order to find inspiration. He has been doing arts such as this for years.

“I was one of five kids in a poor family and we always made do,” Randolph said.

“I think everything should have a second shot because people throw away so much but there is something to be seen in everything.”

Just one week from the camp’s beginning, Randolph said he found several pieces of jewelry on the streets of Duncan, a couple of pieces in good condition. Having taught art for many years, Randolph said he has a need to pass his knowledge and experience along.

“You can show people art but you have to do art for yourself,” he said. “This group has done well and just jumped right in during the first hour of class.”

For this class, Randolph suggested pairs sign up. The Treats took his suggestion.

“There are a million other things to do but this has made me slow down and get creative,” said Kimberla. “I am getting to spend time with my daughter and she’s enjoying the class too.”

Harper Pitts didn’t have a partner but said her mom had given her a good collection of jewelry she’d had when she was younger. Pitts also took advantage of Randolph’s collection of treasures and was especially proud of a pair of Boomer Sooner earrings she had made.

“I’m taking the hooks off of earrings and putting them on necklaces,” she said. “I’m also making friendship necklaces.”