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February 18, 2013

Boy Scouts serve up pancakes

Derrick Miller
The Duncan Banner

DUNCAN — There’s more to being a Boy Scout than earning merit badges and camping. There’s also service to self, county and God.

And there’s pancakes.

Boy Scouts Troop 417 held its annual pancake fundraiser Saturday at First United Methodist Church. The menu included pancakes, sausage and bacon, which helped to sell tickets to the troop’s biggest fundraiser.

“This is big income for our troop,” Dalton Bush, senior patrol leader, said. “It helps us buy supplies. It also helps fund some of our high adventure trips.”

Some of the money goes toward camping for the boys, but it also provides funds for the troop, which uses money to buy tents or pay dues to the Boy Scouts of America.

Bush and Riley Barton, assistant senior patrol leader, stood at the front doors of the First United Methodist community area to greet people hungry for pancakes.

“It’s going pretty good,” Bush said. “We’ve had quite a few people.”

Throughout the morning and into the afternoon, scouts helped serve people food, get them beverages and bussed tables to keep areas ready for people to dig into their breakfasts.

Barton said there were about 21 or 22 scouts who were putting in the time to work toward a common goal. Bush and Barton spent most of their childhoods in Boy Scouts, beginning as Tigers in Cub Scouts. They said it was a good experience, and they are having fun keeping involved in the organization.

“I’ve been in it as long as I remember,” Bush said.

“I just enjoy it.”

This year, they did move into a higher rank within the troop. As senior patrol leaders, they have been entrusted with more responsibilities.

“Basically, we’re over everyone else,” Bush said. “Adults tell you what to do, and you tell the others what to do. When we go camping, we tell them when to wake up and when it’s lights out.”

The scouts also raise funds by selling popcorn each year. The local boy scout troops also benefit as a United Way of Stephens County agency.