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April 5, 2013

Four suspects arrested in convenience store robberies

Megan Bristow
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DUNCAN — The Duncan Police Department has arrested four suspects for their roles in the burglary of three Duncan convenience stores.

Duncan Police Department Criminal Investigations Captain Jay Evans said a search warrant was executed about 8 p.m. Tuesday evening, which resulted in the arrest of a juvenile and another man during the late hours of the night and early hours of the morning.

Duncan police arrested two more adults Thursday afternoon but the names have not yet been released.

“We really believe that we stopped someone from getting hurt or getting killed,” Evans said.

Evans said one more arrest will possibly be made after receiving additional information.

The suspects are believed to have been involved with a team of individuals who have been targeting Duncan convenience stores since Tuesday, March 26.

“It is good police work,” Evans said. “We had a lot of different pieces that we put together. We have been working almost night and day since the last incident. We have just been putting a bunch of pieces of the puzzle together. We thought we had an idea of exactly what was going on. We were absolutely correct in what was hypothesized.”

Evans said members of the Duncan Police Department have been analyzing surveillance video and audio from the crime scenes.

Once the search warrants were executed, he said police were able to recover evidence that matched the clothing, weapons and other items used in the incidents.

“We have been analyzing everything we could,”  Evans said. “We put together a picture of who we thought was involved. It turned out to be correct.”

From the moment the calls were received to the execution of the search warrants and arrests, Evans said the DPD did an excellent job, which led to quick arrests.

“The patrol officers did a fantastic job,”  he said. “The detectives have been working like madmen. They were up nearly all night last night (Wednesday night). A whole bunch of intelligence information came together. It was just putting the pieces together.”

Evans also thanked the Stephens County District Attorney’s office, namely Justin Scott, who is District 6 Task Force Investigator. Evans said Scott was up with them at all hours of the night at least two nights during the investigation.

Because of the nature of the crimes, Scott said the State would be working to try the juvenile as an adult but there is a process the State must go through before they could.

The suspects did not make an appearance in court Thursday but could appear for their initial appearance today.