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March 29, 2013

Star Pharmacy merger gives one owner chance to retire

Megan Bristow
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DUNCAN — Excitement has been buzzing within the two locations of Star Pharmacy. Starting Monday, the two locations will be merging into the Star Medical Center Pharmacy locale.

The merger is not owners Tom Sparks and Brian Bobrovicz’s idea of a April Fool’s joke but rather an opportunity for Sparks to transition into retirement.

Each of the owners owned a half share in each store. To close the mall location, Bobrovicz will be buying out Sparks’ shares in the stores.

“We were partners in the two stores for 20 plus years,” Sparks said. “We are moving all the stuff from this store into that store.”

While the store at the Chisholm Mall is significantly larger than the store located in the medical center, the store in the medical center will remain open because of its ideal location.

“It is more centrally located to the medical facilities at that point,” Sparks said. “All the doctors’ offices are within just feet of this store. Obviously, the hospital is right there. It is much more conveniently located.”

Most of the inventory and equipment have already been moved over to the store near the hospital but the process will be completed over the weekend.

“We are trying to expand our product mix and trying to get it to look not so busy and cluttered,” Bobrovicz said. “As far as the customer goes, it should be an easy transition.”

The move includes the transport of patient prescriptions, both handwritten and digital. Because of the larger amount of space available in the store at the mall, many of the gift items will remain there along with fixtures and furniture. These items will be sold throughout the month of April.

Both Sparks and Bobrovicz said the customes have received the news of the merger well.

“It has not bothered anyone at all,” Sparks said. “I do not think anyone has said they have a problem with it.”

Bobrovicz said he knows many of the mall’s customers and hopes to see them in the medical center’s store.

“I hope they will follow and stay with the business out here,” he said.

The transition for customers should be relatively seamless and both groups of customers should be able to enjoy additional perks.

“All you have to do is take the bottle or call over,” Sparks said. “The same number will work. The same fax number will work. You will just have to go to a different place to pick it up.”

Bobrovicz and his staff will be taking computer classes and will have additional phone options available for after-hours assistance. Sparks’ customers will have the option of receiving delivery, which is currently offered by Bobrovicz.

“There will be a lot of perks that even my customers have not had that they are going to be privvy to now too,”  Bobrovicz said.

As for Sparks, he said he is ready for retirement and the time to do other things he has wanted to do.

“I am older than Brian by about 10 years,”  Sparks said. “He is not ready to retire and I am. We worked out a deal and that is how it all came about.”

“I am ready,” he said. “I am kind of worn out with all the activity of the past 10 days and trying to get everything done. I am very excited about it.”

Bobrovicz also shares Sparks’ excitement but for different reasons. Bobrovicz has been in Duncan since 1979 and he said it has been a good experience for him.

“I came to Duncan in 1979,” he said. “I have had two bosses and one partner. I have been very fortunate in that I have been extremely stable.”

Bobrovicz has been running Star Medical Center Pharmacy since September of 1981 and has been partners with Sparks since 1993.

Star Medical Center Pharmacy is located at 2120 W. Elk, Room 10.