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September 19, 2013

Will Rogers Pre-K gains funding from Teacher Rewards program

Derrick Miller
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DUNCAN — In a given school year, the average teacher spends about $500 on supplies for their classrooms. On Wednesday, Will Rogers Pre-Kindergarten teachers received a little more funding to help.

Wal-Mart selected Will Rogers Pre-K for its annual rewards program. Each of the teachers received $50 gift cards to use toward classroom supplies.

“The teachers spend a lot of money out of their own pockets,” Will Rogers Principal Koree Wilkerson said. “A lot of what they teach is hands-on. This will help take care of those necessities.”

Around $1,000 was given to Will Rogers Pre-K. This is only a portion off the $4.5 million in giftcards provided to 90,000 teachers across the United States. This is the fifth year for Wal-Mart to donate giftcards to teachers.

In previous years, Woodrow Wilson and Horace Mann have been beneficiaries of the Teacher Rewards program. Will Rogers was notified about two weeks ago about being the focus of this year’s program.

Wilkerson said she’s glad Will Rogers was recognized this year. She said she knows how hard teachers across the district work, and this funding will help with supplies for the district’s youngest students.

“It’s really an honor to be chosen,” she said.

In addition to teachers receiving giftcards, the two Wal-Mart representatives also brought a cake for Will Rogers students. All Will Rogers students received a small piece of cake, and Wilkerson took cupcakes to Irving Pre-Kindergarten Center in the afternoon so those students wouldn’t be left out.

“It benefited both sites,” Wilkerson said.

She said the Teacher Rewards program is just additional support to the school district. Wilkerson said the teachers are always willing to use their own money to make sure students have the right tools to learn, and parents are also great about donating. There’s never enough money, she said.

“We have a great community to recognize our schools, any of our schools. We really appreciate Wal-Mart doing this for us.”