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June 25, 2013

Duncan School board to discuss Mark Twain office renovation

Derrick Miller
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DUNCAN — During today’s Duncan Board of Education meeting, board members will discuss approving $45,202 to remodel the Mark Twain Elementary office. The renovation project would be through McCasland Construction and would be paid with site maintenance money.

Woodrow Wilson Elementary was the first Duncan school to renovate its front office. That was in the summer of 2010. The renovation provided more space and enhanced security, by making it where visitors had to go through the office before moving to any other part of the school.

In the summer of 2012, Horace Mann, Plato and Emerson elementary schools all remodeled offices.

The schools used site maintenance funds for those office projects. During the April 10, 2012, meeting of the school board, members approved a renovation budget of $49,611 for the Horace Mann office renovation and $49,607 for the Emerson office renovation. During the May 10, 2012, meeting, the board approved a budget of $61,900 for Plato to renovate its office and library.

Horace Mann’s renovation moved the office entrance to the front of the building. Plato’s renovation moved the office to the front of the building, taking a portion of the library space. Emerson’s renovation extended the office to include the front entrance of the school.

At each of the schools, visitors have to go through the office or be buzzed in by school personnel to access the interior of the building. And the schools require visitors to use a computer system to check in. The computer system gets the name of the individual and takes a photo of the person as they’re checking in.

When the Duncan High School’s renovation is completed, a result of the 2012 bond issue approved by Duncan voters, the school’s office will be moved to the front of the building to increase security and to make it easier for people to find the office.

The Duncan Board of Education is set to meet at 6 p.m. today at the Duncan Public Schools Central Office.

Other items:

n The school board could possibly reject bids for the asbestos abatement portion of the Duncan High School renovation.

Work began Monday on the project, which is part of a $19 million bond issue, approved by voters Feb. 14, 2012. The renovation will remodel the Main Building of the high school, including a new facade of the front of the building.

n The board may enter into an executive session to discuss the mid-year evaluation of Superintendent Sherry Labyer. Labyer has been superintendent since 2005.