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July 19, 2013

Bargains keep this family busy

Rebeka Miller
The Duncan Banner

DUNCAN — Though the World’s Largest Garage Sale officially begins today, there were several families who opened a day early.

Amy Clay, her mother and grandmother were a few who made their items available for sale Thursday at 1103 Cedar. After 19 years of participating in the city-wide sale, Clay and her family have the process down pat.

“My brother-in-law and I have spent the last two weeks getting everything set up,” she said. “We have a fence around the yard and close it up each night, so we haven’t had any problems (with theft).”

While sitting out in the midday temperatures, Clay said she wasn’t going to complain about the near 90 degree heat. Despite the rain earlier this week causing a bit of a headache for setting up, Clay said she’s glad the area received it.

“I’ve been out here in 110-degree heat before, so this has been nice,” she said. “We also stay open until 9 or 10 at night because we have lights, it’s cooler and it’s when people who work all day can come.”

Clay said they have stayed up as late as 1 and 2 a.m. and as long as people are stopping by to shop, they will stay open. Preparations for the annual garage sale take much of the year, so trying to sell as much as they can is their goal.

The families acquire antiques, furniture, glassware and more throughout the year to clean up and sometimes refurbish. Clays’ grandparents also make an annual trip to Missouri to find items at resale stores and auctions.

“People from all over come to see us during the sale because they know us,” said Clay.

“They plan vacations around this and come from Texas, Missouri and Kansas. We have dedicated customers.”

One part of the yard is what Clay said they call “the men section.” There, guys can find items that they may find more interesting than the china hutch their wife is pulled toward. Fishing rods, tackle boxes, tools and more are featured in the section.

Speaking of china hutches, tables, dresser drawers and other pieces of furniture, many items have been painted by Clay in bright colors such as turquoise to brighten up a home. Each year, the sale is quite profitable for the family.

“We take a vacation after it’s over and it also pays for the kids’ school supplies,” Clay said.

“The more we part with, the better.”