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February 20, 2013

Sifting through the ashes



“We still have men out there, investigating and keeping a watch for hot spots,” Burnside said. “We had men out there overnight.”
Duncan Fire Department enlisted help from other fire departments in the county, from Marlow to Comanche, from Empire to Velma to help get the fire under control.
Burnside said the county commissioners also helped with the water supply.
Burnside and Assistant Fire Chief Bobby Beck had concerns relating to the fire scene.
Beck said the fire caused some damage to surrounding fire poles, which was a concern of the City of Duncan. Duncan Power sent out workers to work on the lines in the area.
“One of them is one of the main transfer poles for the City of Duncan,” Beck said.
David Yeager, Duncan Power director, said a few poles were scorched by the fire, but the main concern had been soot falling on the power lines.
“The only reason we were concerned is that soot gets up on the power lines and they can short out,” Yeager said. “Our transmission line has 148,000 volts.
“We made sure there was no damage. We don’t anticipate any problems.”
For Burnside, an obstacle added to the firefighters was the number of people moving toward the fire instead of away. The smoke of the fire could be seen from miles away, drawing attention of commuters and bystanders.
“That’s unfortunately human nature,” Burnside said. 
“It does create a safety hazard for everyone on the scene. It’s one more thing we have to pay attention to.
“We had bystanders walking up. Law enforcement did help control the scene. We did have people running over fire hoses so they could get a better look.
“That’s tax dollars. That’s $1,000 for 100 feet of hose. If they get holes, we have to replace them.”

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