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January 17, 2013

Excise Board welcomes Churchman as it bids Milton Lewis farewell

Derrick Miller
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DUNCAN — After 23 years on the Stephens County Excise Board, Milton Lewis bid farewell to his long-standing post.

A reception took place Tuesday at the Stephens County Courthouse to honor the contribution Lewis made to the county through the Excise Board. The Excise Board has the last say on the county’s budget.

“I only came on this board for a month because I didn’t want the job,” Lewis said. “And 23 years later, I had my daughter write up an ‘I quit’ letter.”

Although he might have been reluctant to take the position 23 years ago, he said he’s enjoyed being a part of the board.

During the reception, Gary Ledford, board chairman, presented Lewis with a plaque commemorating his time on the board. Various employees of the Stephens County Courthouse were on hand to watch the presentation.

Several former employees, including former county clerk Jo Johnson and former court clerk Connie Elam, stopped by to give their best wishes to Lewis as he entered retirement from the board.

And it’s been the people that have made the appointment on the board worthwhile, Lewis said.

“I’ve really enjoyed it,” he said.

But now that his time on the Excise Board has come to an end, he said there are plenty of things he’ll enjoy filling the extra time with, whether it’s taking a trip down to his hometown of Comanche, or just spending time in the Stephens County community.

He said he enjoys “piddling around,” and is looking forward to life after the Excise Board.

“I figured it was about time,” Lewis said.

While Lewis stepped down from the office, former District I commissioner Todd Churchman was appointed to the Stephens County Excise Board to fill the position Lewis was vacating. Churchman was sworn into the position following the reception for Lewis.

Lewis expects Churchman to do a good job on the board.

“He’ll probably do a better job than I did,” Lewis said.

“He’ll probably stay until he’s 75.”