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May 24, 2013

Commissioners discuss temporary fix to courthouse air conditioning issues

Derrick Miller
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The Board of Stephens County Commissioners held an emergency meeting Thursday to find a temporary solution for cooling off the courthouse, until a new system can be installed. Commissioners approved a temporary solution from Allied Services in Ardmore and will rent an air conditioning unit for $10,000 for the first month and $7,000 for the second month. The commissioners estimate it will take about two months for any company to get a new Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning system in stock.
“Even opening bids on Tuesday, it probably would still be six to eight week before it can be installed,” Stephens County Emergency Management Director Gary Ball said about the permanent solution.
Air conditioning issues began surfacing at the end of April and at that time, the commissioners decided to seek bids for a new system. 
Ball thought the courthouse maintenance staff might be able to keep the unit running until it could be replaced, with the understanding that the commissioners would call another emergency meeting if problems persisted.
During Thursday’s meeting, the commissioners discussed the need for immediate relief for courthouse employees. Dee Bowen, District 3 commissioner and board chairman, said there were several options available — from getting the temporary fix to adjusting the hours of the Courthouse.
“We’re looking at July,” Bowen said. “Adjusting hours is fine, but we work with people. People depend on us to be open. It could get hot like last year at any time.”
During the meeting, Ball touched base with Allied Services and was informed the company could start installing the temporary fix as early as today. This would give the company time to get the system up and running by Tuesday morning. This is a three day holiday weekend, and the courthouse will be closed Monday, Memorial Day.
The temporary unit can be used until the county gets the permanent fix.