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November 10, 2012

Election results now official

Derrick Miller
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DUNCAN — Tuesday election results became official Friday without any significant change.

While votes are cast early in the week, they didn’t become official until 5 p.m. Friday to allow for a contest period and to add any provisional ballots. Peggy Winton, Stephens County Election Board secretary, said this election went smoothly, although there were seven provisional ballots cast during the county election.

“We had one provisional that will count,” Winton said.

The provisional ballot was for someone who had forgotten her identification (either voter’s registration card or driver’s license). As a result, the voter had to vote with a provisional ballot and then prove who she is. If the voter had been unable to prove who she was, her ballot would not have counted.

The other provisional ballots included three voters at the wrong precinct and three who were not registered. Despite being registered voters, the three at the wrong precinct didn’t count to avoid people voting multiple times.

Winton said this election period was busy with voters, but went without many hiccups. She said her precinct workers proved themselves by handling any problems they came across without issue.

“As far as the workers, they did the job beautifully,” Winton said.

She said the election was noted to have long lines, but this is something that happens every four years, Winton said. Presidential election brings many more voters out than any other election.

Winton said people forget about the long lines they stand in every four years, which makes it a shock when the lines happen again.

This year also had a longer ballot, one that was front and back. And the back was decorated with state questions. Winton said this also slowed lines down some.

“People spent more time studying it,” Winton said.