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March 21, 2013

Suspect in custody for attempted robbery

Megan Bristow
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DUNCAN — Duncan Police have a suspect in custody at the Stephens County Jail for Wednesday’s early morning strong arm robbery at Get-N-Go, Ninth Street and Bois d’Arc.

Patrol Captain Brian Attaway said about 6:45 a.m. Wednesday, suspect Kevin Thomas Jr. went into the gas station and attempted to steal a pack of cigarettes.

“The suspects tried to push himself behind the counter to steal some cigarettes,” Attaway said. “He did assault the clerk by punching him in the face.”

The clerk then showered the suspect with pepper spray, and Attaway said the suspect took off running.

Because the clerk was familiar with suspect from previous transactions and knew where he lived, officers were able to pursue the suspect after making contact with the store clerk.

Attaway said a female at the residence allowed police to come in and search the home.

“Thomas had barricaded himself in the attic of the house,” he said. “Officers tried to get him to come down by yelling at him.”

When that did not work, the officers warned Thomas they would deploy a can of pepper spray into the attic if he did not come down. Attaway said Thomas said he did not want to be sprayed again so he did come down.

He was booked into the Stephens County Jail for attempted robbery by force or fear.

Master Officer Nathan Carrio responded to the initial call. When requested, Detective John Byers arrived at the scene to assist.