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October 29, 2012

Superstorm Sandy has former Duncan woman, family on alert

Toni Hopper
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Glen Burnie, MD — Jan Pipkin and her family made a few trips into neighboring Annapolis, Maryland, over the weekend to gather supplies for the oncoming storm, Hurricane Sandy.

Pipkin, originally from Duncan, lives with her husband, Jarrell, and their two sons, in Glen Burnie, which is midway between Annapolis and Baltimore. They’ve been there since 2009 and experienced Hurricane Irene. Yet, she said, Sunday, there was definitely a different feel to the approaching storm which has officials issuing mandatory evacuations.

“We have noticed a change in weather. Yesterday (Saturday) we were in shorts, today (Sunday), it’s in mid-50s and started drizzling mid-afternoon,” she said. Like many in Oklahoma who now receive a Code Red or county-emergency call to their phones, the Pipkins are among those who get such a call in their region. She said that county calls have been issued for people to stock up on flashlights and the calls also indicated where emergency shelters have been established. One of those is Annapolis High School, she said.

For the Pipkins, it’s a 20 minute trip to either metropolitan area and by Sunday, bread aisles were cleared out, along with fruit and other items that can be eaten without a need for power.

“We cross over Curtis Bay, where there is a Coast Guard stationed there,” Pipkin said. “We are fairly close to the inlets; our neighborhood is not in a low-lying area and they are only asking people in low lying areas to evacuate. We have not been given that order.”

She said there is a sense of urgency in her neighborhood and especially in Annapolis, as homeowners and business owners scurry about to secure items and boats. In their neighborhood, she said many people have brought in their outside decorations for Halloween, and other things.

“Main Street in Annapolis will probably be flooded. That’s our concern, flooding.” They have a three story townhome which they can take refuge in the top floor, she said. Annapolis has become a regular part of their lives, she said, and she’s hoping the storm doesn’t destroy it. “That’s where our church is and we take field trips there. It’s just a nice city.”

A 1991 Duncan High School graduate, Pipkin married in 1995 to a Texan and when he received a promotion for an insurance company, they found themselves facing a bit of culture shock, moving to the East Coast. They’ve managed to adjust well though, she said.

Their boys, Nathan, 12, and Luke, 8, are homeschooled and she laughed, saying Sunday, they were disappointed that “school was cancelled” but not for them.

“They’re nervous about losing power. It dawned on them today, no Wii, no computers, as we were talking about it today. We’ve talked about why we’re buying supplies; but it really hasn’t affected our plans yet.”

She said they are trying to be prepared but not panicked.

“For me, I’m grateful for the warning and a couple of days to be ready.”

Pipkin’s father is Jimmy D. Williams, an employee at Halliburton, not the Williams who is Marlow police chief.