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April 4, 2013

Wheels rolling to start recycling program May 6

Megan Bristow
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DUNCAN — A May 6 start date remains in effect for the recycling program that happens with Waste Connections for Duncan, Marlow and Comanche.

Participation in the program is voluntary but all residents of the three cities will be seeing an additional charge on their bill. The goal is to keep that at about $5 a month.

Recycling services offered through Waste Conections will be similar to the trash services. Residents will only have to separate trash from the recyclable items. There will be no need to sort the recyclable items into different containers for plastic, paper or aluminum.

Waste Connections District Manager Brad Hegwer said the May 6 start date was determined because it is the first full week in May.

Between now and then, Waste Connections continues to be in conversation with South Central Oklahoma Ecological Association and local civic groups and community organizations to educate the public on the recycling process.

“The carts should start getting delivered soon,” Hegwer said. “In about two weeks, they should start delivering all the carts. The trucks are in but they are in the process of getting stickers put on them.”

When the carts are delivered, information packets will be attached to each cart with additional educational materials. The information includes instructions on where to place the cart as well as a calendar with scheduled pickup days, which will be once every other week.

Waste Connections has also been working with Recycle Bank in gathering local and national business partners to offer enticing rewards for recycling.

“This preserves landfill space to help control costs on their trash service down the road,” Hegwer said. “The people will be able to redeem rewards at local businesses and national chains to help with the extra costs.”

Hegwer said so far neither he or any of the others working on this program have really come across anyone opposed to the program.

“There is a lot of excitement in it,” he said.