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January 14, 2013

Halliburton layoffs target 130 area workers

Process began Sunday, round 2 expected today

Toni Hopper
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DUNCAN — Late Sunday, Halliburton management began layoffs for 130 employees at the Duncan Manufacturing Center. The layoff process was expected to continue today and an exclusive release from Halliburton to The Banner Sunday confirmed the downsizing. Duncan Halliburton employs 2,600 people, with about 1,200 of those in manufacturing.

All positions affected were manufacturing and support.

The layoffs were not considered a total surprise as management met with the employees in December 2012 and the rumors have been circulating since then.

“We shared with employees that we expect to see a high level of manufacturing activity at the Center this year, but do not expect those levels to be as high as 2012,” said Tara Mullee-Agard, Halliburton Public Relations Supervisor.

When the meeting happened in December, discussion centered around the company expectation for the 2013 business cycle.

In a press release issued by Mullee-Agard on Sunday:

“We must adjust our manufacturing capacity to fit 2013 requirements. On Jan. 13 and Jan. 14, 2013, we reluctantly took the necessary step of making adjustments to the number of employees who work at the Center, a move which is affecting 130 jobs.”

Mullee said the individuals whose jobs were affected were offered severance packages and pay in lieu of notice.

“We will continue to keep our employees informed as we make these adjustments. Halliburton is working hard to minimize the impact to our workforce and continues to be committed to the Duncan area.”

Duncan Area Economic Development Foundation’s President Lyle Roggow, when contacted by The Banner, said, “We never like to see our companies down-size and be forced to reduce employees. These situations are difficult ones that the businesses do not enjoy but happen due to supply and demand forces in the marketplace.

Most often, once the correction has occurred and product demand begins picking up again, then the company will begin rehiring qualified personnel.”

Mullee-Agard said, “We are making a strategic investment in our test well infrastructure in Duncan, and the upgrade is scheduled to be completed in Summer 2013.”

Also in Duncan, Halliburton is producing its next-generation high-pressure pumping technology – the new Q10™ pump.

Halliburton layoff

history at a glance:

n In May 2006, Halliburton held its shareholders meeting here.

The company reported a profit of $2.358 billion for 2005. The Duncan turnout for the annual meeting was around 200 shareholders, twice the turnout for the meeting in Houston in 2005.

n In March 2007, the company opened corporate headquarters in Dubai, in addition to its Houston operations.

n In July 2007, the company “realigned” and eliminated 130 jobs throughout North America sites, mostly in administrative and supporting positions.

n In March 2009 layoffs happened twice in Duncan, first around March 13, but a number was never provided by the company; and a second round on March 31. In the 2009 layoffs, Red River Technology Center created a Rapid Response Team to help the employees transition and either look for other jobs or return to school for training.

n Layoffs also happened in 1998 and 2002. The oil and gas magnate got its start in Duncan, founded by Erle P. Halliburton.

Information compiled from The Banner’s archives for 10 years.