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April 23, 2013

Velma to install elected officials at tonight’s meeting

Rebeka Miller
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Installing new council members and voting on the mayor and vice mayor positions will be two of the top items on the Town of Velma meeting agenda tonight.
Shawn Enloe and Charlie Maxwell will be the two council trustees to be sworn in. Enloe has been a member, however, Maxwell will be taking the place of outgoing trustee Debbie Thomas.
The positions of mayor and vice mayor are currently taken by Enloe and Mike Allred respectively. Every two years, these are voted on by the council.
“The council decides and usually what’s been in the past, they wind up keeping it but anything could happen,” Enloe said.
Another vote that will be taking place is to decide if Duncan Mayor Gene Brown will continue on as the mayoral representative for the county to the ASCOG Board of Trustees. Brown has represented the mayors of Stephens County by holding this position for several years.
“Gene has been willing to do that over the years but he said he would step down if anyone else was ever interested,” said Enloe. “We definitely have the confidence that he will continue to represent well.”
As it is coming up on the end of the city’s fiscal year, which runs July 1 to June 30, there are preparations to begin in preparing next year’s budget. Each department will be responsible for turning in a detailed inventory list to the council.
“It will give our departments an idea of what they spent last year and will give us a mode for budgeting for next year,” Enloe said. “They can look and see ‘we’ve got this, so we don’t need to budget it for next year.’”
Other agenda items include:
“Our guys have equipment they sometimes need to work on and they have been doing that outside,” said Enloe. “This building has come available and this way, they can go into a building to work.”
“We have wheelchair access at the rear of the building where handrails are, but most people use the front door,” Enloe said. “So, we’ll definitely take a look at getting something put in place for the front door.”