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October 21, 2012

Traveling inspires beautification efforts in Crapemyrtle Capital of Oklahoma

Winning photos on display at Duncan Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Carolyn Rodgers
The Duncan Banner

DUNCAN — One of Debbie Duggar’s photos won “People’s Choice Award” during our recent Crapemyrtle Photo Contest. She also won 2nd place with the same photo. Our big winners this year are Lisa Scifres, Debbie Duggar and Sonya Ables.  

“The Best of Show” photos for last year and this year are now hanging in the office of the Duncan Chamber.

If you missed seeing them at the Duncan Public Library, stop by the Chamber and see Lisa Scifres 2012 winning photo, along with Sonya Ables 2011 photo. We’ll be holding another photo contest next year and we hope you’ll participate.


Some of the crapemyrtles are still blooming and some are starting to put on fall color. Many have beautiful fall foliage while others just turn brown and lose their leaves. If you’re lucky enough to have colorful leaves, you can expect to have nice spring color as well. Just make sure you don’t chop them down to stubs, also known as “Crape Murder.”  

At this point you can sit back and enjoy your crapes before they become dormant. If you have a tree size plant, you might want to make sure the sprouts have been removed at the bottom so you can enjoy a tidy, attractive plant during the winter months. If your plants are bushes, it’s not necessary to trim the sprouts. The tree size is quite attractive when they are limbed up to look like a tree. Just trim out any dead or broken limbs.  Should one be rubbing against another limb, remove the one that is growing toward the middle of the plant. You can actually trim crapemyrtles anytime of the year.

It’s easier to see how limbs are growing during the winter months but you won’t hurt your crapemyrtles if you trim them now.  

Although now is a good time to plant crapemyrtles, the supply is quite low. Most trees and shrubs are best planted in the fall, but growers tend to have the largest supply of plants in the spring.  If you’re looking for a dwarf size plant, you might consider a series of crapemyrtles called “Razzle Dazzle.”  They grow 3’ to 4’ tall and wide.  We planted three “Cherry Dazzle” in one gallon pots this year. We’re anxious to see them reach maturity. That particular series also has Raspberry, Ruby & Snow Dazzle. The “Cherry Dazzle” seems to be the one most recommended by growers.


We recently spent a week in Vermont.  Luckily we were able to see the fall foliage during their peak season. It was stunning to say the least. What impressed us the most about the state is how pristine and clean it is. No litter along their highways and no billboards. With the moisture they get each year, their state is luscious and green. What you see most of all is pride in their state and community. Seldom did you see anyone with trash or rubbish in their yards and everyone seemed to mow their lawn. Now that cooler weather is near, perhaps we can pick up trash, trim our curbs and see that our lawns look nice for the cold months ahead.

Let’s show our Oklahoma pride and be respectful of our community, landscapes, highways, parks and our homes.  Let’s beautify Duncan and Stephens County!