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October 21, 2012

Youth Services joins Best Choice 'Save-a-Label' program

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Youth Services of Stephens County enrolled in the Save-a-Label program through Homeland in Duncan as the lastest fundraiser.

The local branch of the grocery chain donated $120 to the non-profit organization. This is in addition to the money the organization will make from the Best Choice brand, which is the house brand for Homeland. Through the program, Best Choice will pay Youth Services $30 for every 1,000 bar codes collected.

In addition to Homeland, Best Choice is also sold at Delbert’s in Comanche and Waurika. Project Chairwoman Suzy Bruner said only the bar code is needed, not the entire label. A collection box for bar codes has been placed at the Youth Services of Stephens County offices located at 16 South Seventh in Duncan.

“Our hope is that local groups will take the initiative and start collecting bar codes,” Bruner said. “The beauty of the project is that there is no cost involved. If we can get the word out and it catches on, Youth Services could get quite a bit of money to help, not only with the building of the new shelter, but with operating costs in the future.

“The project has a lot of potential.”

Youth Services is continuing to raise money to build a new shelter with hopes for a groundbreaking in coming months. The overall goal for the construction is $1.1 million. Numerous fundraisers have taken place during the past few years to raise the money before the construction kicked off to avoid putting the non-profit into debt.

“It is important for children in crisis to feel a sense of belonging,” Barbra Davis, shelter director, said. “When a community throws its support into the shelter’s improvement efforts, they get that sense of belonging.”

Youth Services of Stephens County is a United Way agency. It is the mission of Youth Services for Stephens County to strengthen the emotional health and functioning of youth, adults and families.

The youth shelter provides emergency shelter care for children; individual, group and family counseling; substance abuse assessment screening and counseling; the Community Intervention Center; life skills training for youth, parent education; First Time Offender’s Program; educational groups to address anger management; Community-At-Risk services; and other prevention and diversion services.

Youth Services predominantly serves Stephens, Jefferson and Cotton counties. The board is conducting its “Promise for Tomorrow” fund drive to build a new emergency shelter at 806 Fifth Street in Duncan.