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December 1, 2013

New’s sculptures go on display

Derrick Miller
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DUNCAN — A Central High artist is getting an opportunity to show her sculptures to a wider audience.

Kathye New’s work is being displayed in the Paseo Art District in Oklahoma City, having been formerly invited by another artist. The first of three shows ended Friday, but the next show is set to begin this month at another art gallery in the Paseo Art District.

“I’m the luckiest person to get one art gallery, let alone three,” New said.

Although she does an array of art genres, New’s sculptures are garnering the most attention. Her sculptures, which are primarily made of various gourds, various metals, feathers and paints. The sculptures are in the designs of birds.

New also has a passion for sketching. She said some of her sketches are also on display and sale at each of the gallery stops.

The second gallery her work will be displayed in is the JRB Art of the Elms throughout the month of December.

“That’s one of the top five galleries in Oklahoma,” she said.

The third and final gallery will be the Jann Jeffery Art Gallery, also in the Paseo Art District. New’s work will be on display in February.

New’s passion for art isn’t the only passion she’s explored in her life. For 23 years, she taught elementary school in Lawton. She said she enjoyed teaching, but she’s having fun exploring her artistic nature through various media.

Although she has fun with her sculptures, she’s eager to further showcase her sketches. She said sketching is among her favorite pastimes.

“I love ink,” New said.