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April 26, 2011

LTE — Parent of Irving Pre-K student responds to ‘Veteran offended’ letter to the editor

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DUNCAN — Dear Editor:

This is in response to Grant Hudson, the “Veteran offended by school’s lack of effort” regarding the raising of the flag at Irving Pre-K school in Duncan.  

I am a parent of a child that attends there and I was there the day after this letter ran. In class they a have a flag and they do the pledge of allegiance everyday. This does not seam like a lack of effort to me.  

Mr. Hudson used to work for the school, he used to be in charge of making sure the flag was raised out front. When he left he did not tell anyone where he put the flag, and the position of someone else being in charge of raising the flag had not been discussed.

It sounds like Mr. Hudson had some issues with the school and was using this as a way to embarrass them.  

As a parent, I see that the school is very patriotic in every way possible and I have no problem with my child being there. I do have a problem with people making big uproars out of spite.

Kayce Booth,

Duncan resident