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December 11, 2011

LTE - 4 letters on Cable One story

Letters to editor
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DUNCAN — If channels go, it’s time viewers raise a ruckus and be heard

To the Editor,

I would like to add a “ditto” to the letters in (Tuesday’s) paper about CableOne not working out a suitable contract with the Oklahoma City stations.

CableOne has taken it upon themselves to decide which channels we should watch and that is simply not the American Way.

If CableOne would just use some common sense they would know why it is so important for Oklahomans to have Oklahoma weather, sports and government.

If CableOne can’t work out suitable contracts with the Oklahoma City stations then it is time for our City Council to get another cable carrier.

CableOne removed Channel 5 from our viewing capabilities a couple of years ago and Duncan didn’t raise a ruckus, but this is too much.

Judy Tomlinson



Congressman Cole: Consumers should petition for change

To the Editor,

I’d like to thank the residents of Ada, Ardmore, Duncan and surrounding areas for your efforts to maintain access to Oklahoma City television stations. The ability to view local Oklahoma news is vital, and in the case of severe weather, essential.

When I learned of CableOne’s decision to drop Oklahoma City network affiliates from its channel line-up, my office contacted the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Under the terms of the 1992 Cable Television Consumer Protection and Competition Act, the FCC is the only body with authority to grant the market modification that would be necessary to transfer communities in southwest Oklahoma from the Sherman, Texas media market to the Oklahoma City media market.

Related FCC rules specify that the Commission will only consider market modification petitions that are initiated by a broadcast station or a cable system and that contain evidence that meets the legal standards necessary for a market modification.

Under this system, members of Congress and other elected officials have no authority to override the business decisions of private companies, which — many of us would agree — is as it should be. CableOne has unfortunately made the decision that it will not pay increased fees to carry Oklahoma City affiliates.

City officials and concerned citizens in Ada, Duncan and Ardmore are working to persuade CableOne and the affected Oklahoma City broadcasters to begin the petition process, which is the only legal recourse. I applaud their efforts and thank all those who have contacted me regarding this important issue.


Tom Cole

U.S. Representative

Oklahoma District 4


Writer encourages consumers to make their voices known

To the Editor:

The recent CableOne legal notices and Duncan Banner articles explaining CableOne’s decision to drop Oklahoma City NBC, CBS & FOX television stations is more than a bottom line issue for us consumers. We, the consumers, subscribe to cable service because a standard antenna will not receive the Oklahoma City TV stations adequately.

Oklahoma weather reports are critical to our safety. Oklahoma news is important to a well-informed citizen. Oklahoma businesses profit when we buy their advertised products. Texas television stations will not provide this critical information to us. 

The Federal Communications Commission’s representative recommended we cable consumers contact the local franchise authority as well as the owners of the cable company and the TV broadcasters about our concerns.

The local franchise authority is the City of Duncan (Duncan City Council). KOKH-TV owner is Sinclair Broadcast Group, David Smith, CEO, phone 410-568-1500. KFOR-TV owner is Local TV, Bobby Lawrence, CEO, phone 859-448-2707. KWTV-DT owner is Griffin Licensing LLC, David Griffin, CEO, phone 405-841-9155.

If Duncan and Marlow cable customers want Oklahoma weather, news and information, all of us must contact the responsible decision-makers and relate our concerns about this critical issue. We live and work in Oklahoma — not it Texas.

Anne Heaton



Writer wonders why this   information had to be ‘found’

To The Editor:

I am stunned that CableOne did not announce their intentions regarding the deletion of our Oklahoma City television channels. Thanks to some astute Duncanites who read the “legals,” on Dec. 1, it came to light before we awakened Jan. 1 to discover we had lost these channels. I suppose CableOne thought that no one would be aware during this busy time of year and the deed would be done without notice.

I have a son who lives in Enid and a daughter who lives in Oklahoma City, and I want to know what’s happening up there. I couldn’t care less about news, sports and weather from Texas. I wonder how they would react if Texas television was taken from them and replaced by Oklahoma Stations.

Surely someone can give a “stay of execution” to our Oklahoma channels, at least until all the people in Duncan and Marlow have a chanced to voice their opinion.

I feel that our rights to freedom of choice are being violated and disregarded.

Please write The Banner. We need a firestorm of letters against this decision. Maybe that will get the attention of CableOne and emphasize to them how important the retention of our Oklahoma-based television is to us.

Carol Ann Stevenson