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August 28, 2010

LTE: Reader concerend about right to carry

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DUNCAN — I am concerned about the fact that law-abiding citizens are required to posses some sort of permit in order to have or carry a weapon (handgun) for the purpose of self-defense. After reading the Second Amendment, it seemed to indicate to me, that having and carrying a handgun is not only our right, but also a right that shall not be infringed (encroached) upon in any manner.

How many bank robbers have permits? How many burglars have permits? How many rapists have permits? How many gang members have permits? How many of them have received proper training in the use of firearms? Can’t they be controlled or regulated, as the law-abiding citizens are, regarding firearms?

The truth of the matter is that criminals, by definition, do not obey the law, and therefore are not, and cannot be, totally controlled or regulated. History has taught us that they have never been totally regulated, and common sense tells us that they will never be totally regulated. No matter what firearms laws are passed, that fact remains the same. Criminals will have guns. Even given the fact that law enforcement does all they possibly can to protect us, the problem is monumental in nature. Consider Great Britain who outlawed guns totally, and saw that the crimes, involving firearms numbers, increased dramatically.

Why then, must you and I, be required to have a permit to have (keep) or carry (bare) a firearm? Why are we, the law-abiding citizens, restricted in any way from protecting ourselves, and our loved ones? This situation concerns not only myself, but also countless thousands of other law-abiding citizens across this great land. It is not only a possibility, but also, a high probability, that today; several innocent law-abiding citizens will be injured or killed by a criminal using a handgun.

What about law-abiding citizens who have guns, but not the formal training which is required of us today, you may ask. To that I answer, which is more of a concern to you? One of several thousand who may accidentally injure or kill someone with a handgun, or one who is intentionally set on robbing, raping, or killing someone in the commission of a crime. Accidental shootings are rare compared to the latter.

Should you not want a firearm, by all means don’t buy one. That is your decision and your right. The Second Amendment does not dictate that you must have and carry a firearm; it simply states that it is our right to do so. Please don’t prevent, or restrict, those who believe in its contents, from doing what, instinctively, is our duty, and our right, as law-abiding citizens of the United States of America.

Edward Flinner