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August 21, 2010

LTE — Sports editor needs to look around DHS

The Duncan Banner

DUNCAN — Dear Editor:

I’m sure your sweaty sports editor takes pride in his snide rebuke of the majority of your audience, imputing that dangerous, heat stroking conditions in the high school gym are to be blamed upon the 70 percent of the voters who squashed the school board’s bond issue boondoggle.

First, set aside the main objection to the bond issue: The proposed destruction of neighborhood schools and the subsequent devaluation and eventual slum-ization of their neighborhood for the benefit of developers and others who want to turn northwest Duncan into a Lawton suburb. (Nice new water tower. Nice roadwork).

Then, put on hold, as well, the corollary objection: The proposed warehousing of young students inside mammoth factory schools instead of smaller learning environments where individual needs are more likely to be recognized and met.

That done, we might suggest that Mr. Whitehead zigzag downhill from the gym to the new Administrative Palace, check the temperature there and inquire from those who chose to start the school year in early August (and on a Thursday, which cheats everyone out of one last summer weekend) as to how the cost of its total overhaul improves the comfort — nay, the very safety, he would say — of the students. It’s not like the air conditioning situation at the gym hasn’t existed longer than a few months since the bond vote.

Not only disastrous and dangerous proposals, but poor past performance also contributed to the vote of total No Confidence in the Duncan school administration. Mr. Whitehead’s unglib sniping misses most of the points. Let’s hope he does a better job watching the scoreboard.

Let’s hope, too, that some parents among the sensible majority choose to run for the school board soon.

Gary Edmondson