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September 6, 2011

LTE - Some questions for potential voters

Letter to editor
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To the Editor:

As a 32-year resident of Duncan and 33-year public educator, I would like to pose some questions to potential voters in the upcoming Duncan Schools bond election.

First, as I drive around town, I see “Vote No” signs in yards of retired school teachers, retired county officials and other government employees whose careers and retirements were funded by tax dollars. Is it too much to ask a small portion of those funds be returned so a modern, updated facility can be built at Duncan High School?

Second, how many of us have been living in the same house for the past 50 years? If we have, I would think that house has been upgraded or remodeled several times. Many of us have moved to more modern, efficient houses. My building principal has informed me that additional computers cannot be added to my classroom because the electrical system cannot handle the extra load.

Third, whether we like it or not, student safety and building security is an important issue in today’s society. At present, there are a minimum of 40 total entrances to the buildings at Duncan High School. As I understand, the proposed plan for renovation to the campus, the number of entrances would be reduced, thereby making the securing of the building much easier in case of an emergency. Isn’t that a good thing?

Fourth, in response to the Letter to the Editor in the Sept. 4 edition of The Banner, I would suggest that if you want to see a “Cadillac” school building, just drive south on I-35 into Texas and you will find one in nearly every town you drive through. I would submit to you that the students of Duncan High School deserve no less. Do they?

Wayne Long