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April 20, 2011

LTE: Veteran offended by school’s lack of effort

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DUNCAN — Let me start off by saying I am a proud American.

I served in Desert Storm and two tours in Iraq and am proud to see our flag flying high. Here’s my issue. I can drive around Duncan to every school and see our flag flying high, except at the Early Childhood Center at the old Irving School. Do the public school teachers there have so much to do that they can’t take five minutes to raise the flag that I fought for?

I myself consider this a disgrace, it is not that hard to raise our flag. I guess they are to busy taking breaks in the teachers lounge to raise our flag. I know what time they get to work, so what is the problem? Do they not take pride in our flag as all our veterans do?

Something must be done. Help raise our flag at Duncan early childhood development center.

Grant Hudson, Duncan