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December 16, 2011

LTE - 3 letters on Cable ONE story

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DUNCAN — It’s all about getting our DMA changed

To the Editor:

So this is my understanding of the situation we (Duncan and Marlow) are in. We are in Wichita Falls viewing area, therefore the cable company must carry the Wichita Falls channels and do not have to carry OKC channels.

What needs to happen is the FCC needs to change our DMA so OKC is our viewing area, which will make the OKC channels must carries, and then the cable company has to carry those channels if they are available.

So as you saw at the council meeting on Tuesday whom you need to contact is your legislators and ask them what they can do about getting our DMA changed. Voice your concerns, just be realistic. They don’t want to hear your classroom not being on the news. (You have a school channel, if you want your classroom on TV talk to your administrator).

If we can get the DMA changed, this will no longer be an issue. The issue then will be if the cable company will carry or drop the Wichita Falls channels.

Mayor Brown said if they don’t do what we want, don’t use them as service providers. So I’m guessing that it’s the same for him, if we don’t get what we want, we won’t buy cars here anymore. We can get our sprinklers and fences done by someone else also.

I think the cable company has been good for the city of Duncan and the residents. They do pay the city revenue, they support our schools and they support our local charities. Have you ever heard of Dish doing any of that? I have not.

All of this blame and threats will get us nowhere. We need to get our DMA changes, so let’s figure out how to get that done.

Joe Coleman



Thunder follower likes petition for change

To the Editor:

After reading and agreeing with all of the letters in “Your Thoughts” regarding our losing our favorite channels, I would like to inject a selfish thought.

I’m mostly homebound and love Thunder basketball. I was so excited when they finally agreed to have a season starting on Christmas day. Now, it seems I cannot get their games.

I appreciate our representative, Tom Cole, taking time in his busy schedule to address our problem. He suggested that city officials and concerned citizens petition for change.

We can do that, right?

Reba Gray



Why would Texas give us local coverage?

To the Editor:

The Duncan Banner headline on Dec. 13th regarding Cableone was funny as they called it “channel switching” instead of “channel disconnecting.” They also stated that Cableone announced they were removing the three Oklahoma channels. It seems to me the announcement came from The Banner. We were not informed by Cableone and I would think this was not something that just popped up at the last minute.

Everyone needs to be aware of what is happening in our state and without those channels we are in the dark. If I am traveling within the state I like to know the weather or road conditions and I don’t think the Texas channels will tell me what is happening in Tulsa or McAlester.

OKC is the location of our state capitol and we always need to be aware of what goes on there. We enjoy the sporting events that occur in Oklahoma City and we would not have any access to that information. Why would Texas give us stories about the Oklahoma Thunder? They have the Dallas Mavericks. High school football is big in Texas, but we don’t play them. How much coverage would Texas give our local teams?

I’m surprised anyone would be surprised by the “unrest” of this situation. If we cannot receive OKC stations then I will disconnect cable and go with another option. I still will not receive those channels but I can get a DVR (which I currently don’t have) and a wider selection of other channels for less than I am paying now. Direct TV will love Cableone.

Margaret Brown