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January 6, 2012

LTE - Keep an eye on district’s ‘old tactic’

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DUNCAN — Keep an eye on district’s ‘old tactic’

To the Editor:

“New plan, old tactic.”

What does this mean?

It means the Duncan School District is planning another bond election on Tuesday, Feb. 4 (mark your calendars). The new bond plan is for $19,030,000, with basically the same agenda as the bond election held Sept. 13, 2011, the major renovation of the Duncan High School facility.

The “old tactic” being implemented once again is the same as used in many prior successful passes of school bonds, which is the “special election, low voter turnout two-step.” It’s a great plan that works to the district’s advantage.

The plan works like this: Keep a low profile, keep it quiet, get their “yes” voters to the polls on election day and hope everyone else is unaware of an election being held and stays at home.

Why do you thing your property taxes have increased so much over the past years? There are two reasons: 1) Voters were unaware of the special elections being held because of the lack of publicity until they discovered their taxes had gone up again; 2) voters stayed home and didn’t bother to vote.

Every election is important. Your vote decides the outcome of what we all ultimately life with. Don’t let the school district’s “old tactics” rob you of your vote on Tuesday, Feb. 14. Mark your calendars and remind others to do the same.

Do your part and vote.

Margie Journeycake