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January 6, 2012

LTE - Aunt concerned about nephew being bullied

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DUNCAN — Aunt concerned about nephew being bullied

To the Editor:

Recently, my great-nephew was bullied at Woodrow Wilson (Elementary) School. It’s not the first time.

My nephew who is 11 and learning disabled, suffers this daily at school. His glasses are grabbed off his face and thrown, names are hurled at him and there’s hitting and yelling.

My niece filed charges against the kids right before Christmas break because of a really bad incident. We’ve heard nothing and I’m wondering if it will be handled or swept under the rug.

Zero tolerance means zero tolerance, and the board is on Principal Phipps about the amount of suspending that she’s doing. Zero tolerance means zero tolerance!

When the children go back to school, if it is not handled I plan on a picket line at Woodrow Wilson. This will and should bring attention to the problem for all kids who are bullied at our schools.

It’s time parents took their place at educating kids at home about no bullying — no hitting, no name calling. Teach them to use their words and teach them the “Good Word.”

Parents, grand parents, aunts, uncles and so on, let’s stand up against bullying for our kids’ sake and safety, and their freedom to be educated in a safe environment.

Glenda Duke