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September 6, 2011

LTE - Homework help offered to Romney

Letter to editor
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To the Editor:

Today is Monday, Sept. 5, 2011. Labor Day. On my television, Mitt Romney is speaking from South Carolina. He is impressive. On my check list, he’s doing pretty well.

Nicely dressed? Check.

Well educated? Check.

Articulate? Check.

Well prepared? Check.

Informed? Oops! 

Obviously, Mr. Romney didn’t do his “homework” before attempting to “educate” his listeners to the workings of  — are you ready? —  Labor.

Mr. Romney, the presidents of labor unions don’t collect “all that money” from union members, then distribute it as they happen to see fit.

Quite the opposite. Members decide and agree by vote to contribute to their union accounts. They also discuss, decide and agree by vote to support the political candidate they believe most nearly meets their views on Labor and the role our unions have played in providing middle-class Americans with a comfortable standard of living.

Be aware, Mr. Romney, without the efforts of organized Labor, our middle-class Americans would be earning about what all those employees working in all those half-time jobs Texas Gov. Perry is so proud of ... minimum wages or less without benefits.  

A president of a labor union, sir, represents the will of the union members, the members do not represent the will of the president.

Perhaps you should have worked at a middle-class job for a company that believed in hiring union workers.

I, for one, feel sorry for you that you never had that grand opportunity. Today, instead of verbally sliding around your intent, your remarks might have been truer and actually correct!

How sad. I had hoped better from you.

Koleta Wells