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September 6, 2011

LTE - What does the opposition stand for?

Letter to editor
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To the Editor:

I am a retired reading specialist who has attended two Duncan Schools bond informational sessions. I came away armed with information.

This is what I know: 1.) This is a well thought out plan; 2.) it was developed by a citizen-led committee over the course of almost a year; and 3.) it does not raise my property taxes above 25 mills, which is the level that has been in place for almost a dozen years — in other words, no alarming change.

Additionally, I came away wondering what those who are opposing this plan stand “for.” The people who developed this plan and its proponents stand for progress, for students and for Duncan. All I hear from whose who oppose is what they are against.

I would urge those who are against this school bond to ask themselves what they stand for. I hope that they will determine that they too stand for progress, students and Duncan!

Robin Robertson