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November 7, 2013

Schools receive A-F report cards

Stephens County schools get graded

Derrick Miller
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DUNCAN — Most school districts may not be happy about the results of the A-F grading system released Wednesday.

The Duncan School District received a D+, a grade it shares with the Comanche, Empire and Velma-Alma school districts. Those grades make up half of the school districts in Stephens County.

Other county results included Grandview with a C, Bray-Doyle with a C+, Marlow with a B- and Central High with an A. Central High was the only school district to receive an A last year.

The majority of school districts in the county declined in grades. Duncan and Velma-Alma dropped from C letter grades. Comanche, Empire, Grandview and Marlow all dropped from Bs, although Marlow’s grade decline was to a lower B.

The A-F grading system puts grade letters to how well schools are teaching students, based on test scores. The grading system is supposed to give schools more accountability, while providing letter grades to make the results easier for parents to read.

Originally, this year’s school report cards were supposed to be released in October. But on Oct. 25, the release of the grades were delayed until Tuesday’s Oklahoma State Board of Education meeting to ensure accuracy in the results. The grades were also delayed in their release last year.

The grading system has been unpopular with superintendents across the state since its introduction in 2011. The first results were released in 2012.

Oklahoma Rep. Jerry McPeak also spoke openly about the A-F grades in October, requesting accountability on behalf of the Oklahoma State Department of Education and State Superintendent Janet Barresi.

“If we’re looking for accountability in our schools, why not start with the State Department of Education?” McPeak said in a release. “The SDE will take all the accolades you want to give them but haven’t taken the blame for anything wrong in three years. I wonder what it’s like to sincerely believe you and your department are perfect?”