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May 18, 2013

Braught receives Crossman Award

Derrick Miller
The Duncan Banner

DUNCAN — There can be only one. And from 222 Duncan High School seniors and five nominees, Jack Braught was that one.

Braught was named Friday as the 2013 recipient of the Crossman Award, which is similar to a valedictorian award. The Crossman Award is the Duncan High School’s top student award. The award was presented during the awards assembly.

“Astonished,” Braught said, describing his feelings about receiving the award. “I didn’t think I’d get it. There were several deserving candidates up on stage with me.”

Superintendent Sherry Labyer shared Braught’s name with the audience, something she didn’t know beforehand, Braught found himself in disbelief.

“I still didn’t believe it,” Braught said. “I did a double-take in my mind.”

Braught, an accomplished high school athlete, will be attending University of Oklahoma and hopes to become a punter on the football team. He also was on the first team of The Banner’s All-Area basketball team and was in track. Braught was one of five Crossman nominees, along with Kelsey Bridges, Caleb Longest, Brittany Toone and Allyson Wilcox.

Statewide, the award originated during the 1930s, when the Stillwater-based Crossman Insurance Company started the program as a way to recognize a member of the upcoming graduating class.

Crossman Insurance didn’t survive the Great Depression and over the years many participating school systems have dropped the award. Labyer talked about the group of nominees before talking to each nominee individually.

“I have watched you serving others,” Labyer said. “Let me take a minute to talk about the word “serve.” It can be a life-changing word if you practice what it means.

“Serve others with a server’s heart. A word not lived has no power; it’s simply a word. The real meaning of leadership is serving others.”

Braught’s acceptance speech was brief — mentioning God, his family, his friends and his teachers.

He also made a point to hug each of his fellow candidates before making his acceptance speech.

With less than week left until graduation, Braught said he’s looking forward to what his future has to offer. He said high school has given his a multitude of leadership opportunities along with introducing him to people he has enjoyed getting to know.

And the people rank as Braught’s favorite part of high school.

“If you go to any school, you can get the basics,” Braught said.

“I’ve been very blessed with everything.”

Past Crossman Award winners

n 1946 — Wade Koeninger

n 1947 — Bill Hall

n 1948 — Bert Webb

n 1949 — Elizabeth Benson

n 1950 — Jeanette McDonald

n 1951 — Herman Wheeler

n 1952 — Buddy England

n 1953 — Wayne Sparks

n 1954 — Carl Tucker

n 1955 — Pat Leonard

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n 1975 — Phillip Doerner and Butch Whitten

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n 2013 — Jack Braught