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September 10, 2012

Grandparents celebrate 100 years of Plato

Toni Hopper
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DUNCAN — Grandparents arrived in droves at Plato Elementary Friday morning to celebrate their day with their grandchildren.

They came from around the neighborhood and from as far away as Maryland and New Jersey (1700 miles).

Some grandparents were in their 90s and others were as young as their early 40s.

Some had more than half a dozen grandchildren and others were their to adopt ‘grandkids’ for the day who didn’t get to have their grandparents with them.

As Principal John Millirons welcomed all, he even became a little emotional recognizing that some of those grandparents might not get a chance to attend Grandparents Day in 2013.

“Some of you may not be with us for much longer,” he said. Among those honored were great grandmother Helen Sullivan.

Grandparents were also recognized who once were Plato students themselves.

This is the school’s 100th year celebration of existence.

Among those who stood to be recognized were Duncan Chamber of Commerce & Industry’s President Chris Deal, who attended in 1971-73. He was there for his granddaughter, Katherine Hill, a kindergartner.

Janice Morgan, whose grandchild is Cash Clark, attended in 1964, and Terri Dillingham, whose grandchild is Cole Young, also a kindergartner, attended in 1962-63.

Also, anyone who had taught or worked at Plato were also recognized.

The day was also a kickoff for the annual Scholastic Book Fair so books were donated to the school library in honor of each of the recognized grandparents.

After an assembly where the students sang to the grandparents, everyone paired up with their grandparents and went to the classrooms and the library.

In the library, several of the “adopted” grandparents helped children pick out books and paid for them, as did other grandparents.

In the classrooms, children presented their grandmothers and grandfathers with gifts they had made in class.