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May 19, 2013

Comanche’s superintendent submitting resignation to help save teachers jobs

Rebeka Miller
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COMANCHE — All across the state, teachers and administrators are taking measures to keep their schools afloat after the deep cut in educational funding.

Several are resigning in order to file for retirement benefits, only to be rehired after the 60-day Oklahoma Teacher Retirement System waiting period. At this point, they go back to work for a fraction of their former salary.

Among them taking this action is Comanche Superintendent Terry Davidson who has been an educator for 40 years. He shared with The Banner on Friday, a letter he originally sent to The Comanche Times earlier this week, for publication in that paper. It is available inside on Page 5A of today’s Sunday edition. His resignation is effective May 23. There is a 60-day waiting period as required by OTRS, after which it is fulfilled, he can offer his services as a full-time superintendent.

He explained that in the long run, it saves the school money but is a hard undertaking personally. His financial sacrifice means enough savings to the district to save two teaching positions.

Many faculty membes in his school district have been doing this for years, he noted.

“Several are working full-time for a fraction of their former salary,” he said.

Duncan Public School Board of Education approved several resignations during the latest meeting. Among those were Glenda Cobb, assistant superintendent, who has 41 years of service at Duncan Public School District.

However, her retirement is based solely on a personal decision.

“I’m officially retired and it has not been discussed on whether I will return or not,” she said. “It depends on how things go with my replacement but I retired so that I can spend more time with my grandkids.”