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May 10, 2012

Johnson wins Crossman Award

Derrick Miller
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Amanda Johnson stood on stage in the Duncan High School auditorium with her fellow Crossman nominees.

And as she listened to Superintendent Sherry Labyer talk about the leadership and teamwork each nominee put forth, she began to realize how fortunate she’s been to be involved at the Duncan High School.

Johnson was recognized with the high school’s top honor, the Crossman Award, during Wednesday’s awards assembly. Johnson is the first female student to win since Samantha Street tied Errick Claud in 2009. She’s the second consecutive class president to win the award.

“I feel very honored to be given the award by my classmates,” Johnson said. “I couldn’t imagine being on stage with anyone else (aside from the other Crossman nominees). They’ve all been my best friends since middle school.”

The Crossman Award was first presented at Duncan High in 1946, when Wade Koeninger was the initial recipient.

State-wide, the award originated during the 1930s, when the Stillwater-based Crossman Insurance Company started the program as a way to recognize a member of the upcoming graduating class.

Crossman Insurance didn’t survive the Great Depression and, over the years, many participating school systems have dropped the award. However, the award remains significant at Duncan because faculty members select the finalists and students elect the winner.

Johnson said the award could have gone to any of the nominees because of their involvement in the school and the Duncan community.

“I’ve been fortunate enough to be as involved as I’ve wanted to be,” Johnson said. “Some students have had to get two jobs, have really had to grow up fast. They deserve this honor.”

Johnson was excited about winning the Crossman Award, but said she realizes it signifies only a week left in her senior year. She said graduation will be bittersweet, as she and her friends go their separate ways.

She said the DHS Class of 2012, has been close and is getting even closer as the school year draws to an end.

Throughout high school, Johnson has been involved in numerous clubs and organizations, including student council, Key Club and SADD. She has been class president all four years.

“It’s absolutely incredible,” Johnson said about being involved. “We have a strong group of kids in our grade. Our grade is full of leaders.”

She described the spring 2012 semester as the shortest semester in her high school career. Johnson said the seniors are ready to grow up, but a part of them wishes they could revert back to kindergarten, back to finger-painting.

“It will be difficult to leave this close knit group of kids,” she said

Johnson’s parents, Tim and Amber Johnson, said they’re proud of Johnson’s success and know she will continue to make them proud. Johnson plans to attend the University of Iowa to play golf and to major in international business.

“We’re extremely proud of her,” Amber Johnson said. “She deserves everything she gets.”