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November 5, 2012

First-time voters ready for Election Day

Duncan High School students share thoughts on issues

Derrick Miller
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DUNCAN — For some Duncan High School students, Tuesday’s General Election will become a pivotal point into adulthood. The newly-registered 18 year olds who choose to will be able to cast their vote in a variety of races, including that of the President.

“I’ll be able to express my views in politics,” DHS senior Cody Cole said. “I want us to get a good presidential leader.”

Cole said many of his peers have opinions about their governmental leaders. But it isn’t until they’re able to vote that their opinions carry any weight.

For Kaitlyn Wright, having the ability to vote is having the right to make an investment into the future of the country. Wright said the decisions made by voters will help to navigate the direction of the United States.

“I like the fact that we have a say now in what will make things better,” Wright said.

And Wright wasn’t the only DHS senior who wanted to weigh in on where the country is heading. Kayla Robertson said voting will give her a voice, which she hopes, will make an impact.

“I’ll get to have a part in trying to make a difference,” Robertson said.

The three students shared some of the issues they believe will have the greatest effect on their votes. Each of the students mentioned the economy as the greatest issue in this year’s election. Since 2008, the country has been working toward pulling out of a recession, which could have attributed to the students feelings on the economic situation.

Cole also mentioned foreign policy as a notable issue that he is looking at closely in this election. Cole and Wright said they have been involved in class discussions about the upcoming election.

“We’ve talked about how they view the economy differently and how it will impact us,” Wright said about the presidential candidates.

When it came to state questions, Wright was the only student of the three who said he had a teacher discuss the state questions in class.

But none of the classes had presented sample ballots in class, especially since each precinct in the county has its individual ballot, he said. This is a result of the various elections, including the Stephens County District 2 commissioners race, which can only be voted on by voters in District 2. The students are excited about their first time voting being in a presidential election.

“I like it,” Cole said. “I’m just really kind of excited to know my opinion matters.”

Robertson had similar thoughts on casting her ballot.

“It feels good to vote and put my opinion out there,” Robertson said.

The three seniors said having the right to vote gives them a right to make an informed decision. And their opinions could make an impact.

Wright said it’s nice to have an opinion, but it’s better to be able to put that opinion to use.

“I think it’s cool,” Wright said. “We have an opinion. We can express it, not just say it.”