Maxine Ryther and Wayne Wilson met in the mid-1940s while working in retail at the local F.W. Woolworth Store on Main Street in Duncan. They are now celebrating 65 years of marriage.

They dated almost two years, then were married in the home of Maxine’s pastor, Bro. Dodson. The story goes that Mrs. Dodson put out the cat and then the ceremony began.

The couple then went to the drugstore and bought a soda to celebrate. They moved into a one bedroom place and shared the kitchen and bathroom with another resident.

Wayne went to work at the Sun Oil Company and Maxine became a homemaker.

Wayne and some family built their home on North D Street where they lived for many years.

Wayne and Maxine have one daughter, Sharon Wilson Rue. They made sure that her life was enriched by much love, music, family gatherings and a love for God and country. Maxine went to work outside the home when Sharon was in high school. She worked for Murphree’s Grocery Store. She loved the public and serving them.

After Sharon and John Rue married and had their children, Angie and Bryan, Maxine became mema the babysitter. She kept the children while the Rues worked at Halliburton for several years.

In the early 1980s Maxine had the opportunity to work at a new little store, The Ginger Jar. She worked part-time selling live plants, wicker furniture and home accents. She loved it so much that when the chance came to buy it she and Wayne took on the challenge.

Wayne remodeled the store and Maxine continued growing the business. They worked for many years serving the Duncan and surrounding communities with beautiful gifts and a commitment to serve the public.

They worked until the last couple of years when they decided to take it a little easier. They still keep busy, Wayne is a deacon in the First Baptist Church and Maxine is a greeter.

They love to travel, play games, shop and watch the Thunder play basketball. They have been examples of work hard, stay committed, dream big, all the while serving God and others, share their daughter. They continue to teach their family about living life to the fullest. We, their family: Sharon and John Rue, Angie and Mitch Wolfe, Martin and Hunter, Bryan Rue and fiancée Tammy Kalstad, wish them many more years of life and love for their 65th anniversary.

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