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February 7, 2010

Party time

Superbowl parties become yearly tradition

Kevin Kerr

DUNCAN — Hundreds of millions of people watch it every year. Whether it be at a sports bar watch party or with a group of friends at home, nearly every person in the United States, and possibly worldwide, is exposed to this yearly sporting spectacle that is the Super Bowl.

The game itself is a major feat of accomplishment between two teams that have literally gone to battle in a grueling 18 week season against an extensive 32 team field. It only further emphasizes why people make this particular sporting event more of a celebration and a holiday than just any other game.

Nationwide, it’s almost impossible to calculate the number of get-togethers that will occur. Restaurants with televisions and big screens will almost certainly be full of people sharing the same passion for the game, and at sports bars and grills, it will be almost impossible to find a seat come game time.

In Duncan, Heroes Sports Grill hosts this annual event every year to a packed house. Director of Heroes, Marty Fox, said that people begin piling into the sports bar at around 4:30 to get the good seats in front of the biggest televisions and by the best speakers.

“These front rows here fill up fast,” Fox said. “They try and get her to get the best seats... but you can see a TV from almost anywhere in the place.”

In fact, Fox said even on a normal Sunday game night it’s hard to find a seat.

“We were really busy when the Vikings played the Saints,” Fox said. “We had a big group of Vikings fans with their jerseys on over there and a big group of Saints fans in jerseys across the room.

“It was pretty fun and really busy until the Vikings lost of course.”

Fox said that the games usually bring good business to the sports bar even on a normal Sunday, but that the Super Bowl brings more than usual. He said he doesn’t mind the extra work though, as it not only allows him to have fun with the crowd, but he gets to meet new people as well and hopefully bring them back as new customers in the future.

“It’s a lot of fun,” Fox said. “I like talking with the people and meeting new people.”

Fox did say that the fans in the restaurant can get a little excited, but assures that it stays a family friendly environment as well.

“We get kind of rowdy, but no cussing or things like that,” Fox said. “We have kids that come in here with their families, and we don’t need any of that stuff going on.”

As with any sporting event, there is the potential for long quarters and overtime play, but Fox assured that no matter how long the game lasted he would keep Heroes open so people can enjoy the entire game.

“You wouldn’t want people watching the game, and it goes into overtime and me say ‘Okay guys, we’re closing, you gotta leave,’” Fox said. “As long as the game’s on, we’ll be open.”

Fox expected many Colts and Saints fans to come to the watch party Sunday evening. He said though, no matter which side a person was rooting for, they would still have a good time.

As well as restaurants, local church organizations are holding their own Super Bowl parties as well. First Christian Church utilized The Well as a gathering point for their own youth oriented Super Bowl party. However, Youth Minister for First Christian Church, Ryan Benton, said that they added their own spin to their party to make it a philanthropic event as well.

“We asked kids to bring in canned goods for Christians Concerned,” Benton said. “Normally we just take up an offering in soup bowls and call it our ‘soup’- erbowl during service, but this year, we made a competition out of it to see who can bring the most cans.”

Benton said around 50 children would normally show up to their Super Bowl parties and they usually have a pretty good time as well.

If someone watches the big game at home or at someone else’s home, then chances are, they have some form of food either delivered or carried out from local restaurants.

Billy Sims Barbecue general manager Carla Tugman said that their takeout orders grow a lot during the big game.

“Already, I’ve had five racks of ribs and four tail-gaters,” Tugman said as of early Sunday afternoon.

So whether a person loves the camaraderie of a home event or the potential wild factor of a Bar and Grill watch party, rest assured, there are plenty of options for someone to enjoy the gridiron finale