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May 28, 2013

Interurban soon to replace Peyton’s Place

Rebeka Miller
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DUNCAN — Another new restaurant will soon open its doors for Duncan diners.

Interurban began in 1976 at a trolley station in Norman and then expanded to several other locations including Edmond, Oklahoma City and Chickasha. Now, owners of the popular joint have made the decision to come to Duncan.

Josh Woods and Zach Grayson, licensees, will take over the location currently occupied by Peyton’s Place at the Duncan Golf and Tennis Club on June 1. During the first month, they will do catering jobs they’ve committed to and work on renovating their new space. Plans are to open on July 1.

“It’s going to be a really easy transition for us, we just need to buy some new equipment,” said Woods, who has been with the company for seven years.

“It’s a good fit and it’s going to be a completely different experience than Peyton’s Place.”

Woods said it’s not going to be just about changing the name but revitalizing the space. They will be working on the upstairs dining facility, bar and hallway in order to have it reflect Interurban, which in turn will represent Duncan.

“Our theme is going to be based off the history of Duncan and we plan to bring in a lot of local pictures,” he said.

“It’s American casual dining, not fine dining, and is like a local hometown dining facility. I can’t compare it to any other places because it’s really not like any others.”

Interurban’s menu is compiled of a variety of items presented in a casual atmosphere. The goal being to have something that appeals to just about everyone. There is even a selection of “heart healthy” items as well. To get a glimpse of what they offer, the website is

“We took the menu down a notch for Duncan, so it’s not all what you’re going to find on the website,” Woods said. “Everything is fresh and nothing is frozen.”

Woods and Grayson both live fairly near Duncan — Woods in Ninnekah and Grayson in Chickasha, where they opened their most recent location — and are in the Army Reserves. They’ve known one another for quite some time and feel Interurban is a good fit for Duncan both in a dining facility and catering operation capacity.

“We’re super excited and we’re going to be ready, so look for us,” Woods said. “We’ve done catering in the past for crowds even up to 1,000 people and have been very successful with it.”

Having such a large catering operation in town is something Chris Deal, Chamber of Commerce president, said would definitely be beneficial to Duncan. He believes people will enjoy what they find at Interurban.

“I think they’ll like what they’ll do there and I’m excited about them coming,” he said. “”What they bring is pretty unique and we can always use more catering operations.”